Zombie Pigeons Being Reported In Russia

The Flying Dead are upon us! Citizens in Russian have recently started reporting "Zombie Pigeon" sightings in Moscow.

The birds are being called Zombies because they appear extremely lethargic and show no signs of fear.

Moscow resident Umid tells Europe Radio Liberty: "When I walk to work I usually see pigeons running and jumping around. But recently they haven't been reacting to anything at all".

Umid adds: "When a person walks past them, they used to fly away. But now they just sit there in a kind of funk and don't even pay attention to you. They're just not normal."

Some of the Zombie Pigeons have simply started spinning around in circles.

Officials in Russia are calling the pigeons "the pecking dead." Health workers believe the birds are suffering from an intestinal infection and parasite based diseases which has killed numerous pigeons over the last few years.

Some citizens have started calling the zombie pigeons a "bird apocalypse."

Other reports have reported birds simply falling over or walking with their beaks rested on the ground.

Moscow's deputy Mayor Leonid Pechatnikov says the intestinal infection is not transferrable to humans. However, the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Inspection Unit says the zombie pigeons could be suffering from Newcastle disease, a highly contagious illness that causes eye infections in humans. The disease can also create flu-like symptoms in people.

Salmonella poisoning on a massive scale is another theory currently being offered by veterinarians.

Russian officials are asking that citizens do not touch alive or dead birds for fear of infection.

Officials say they have no plans to investigate the Russian Pigeon Zombies.

Zombie Pigeons might not actually be the flying dead, but they are still creepy, which is saying a lot for already creepy pigeons everywhere.