Bizarre Carpet Fetish: Man Who Rolls Up In Rug Is 'Obsessed With Being Walked Over'

A New York resident has revealed yet another bizarre sexual fetish which sees him hide underneath carpets in the city and then become aroused when he gets trampled on.

Georgio T has admitted that he has been rolling himself in different variations of rugs for the past 15 years and he has claimed to adore being walked over. He even has a particular fondness for being walked over by women in high heels.

The 52-year-old Maltese immigrant told Record Setter, "I was born with this obsession of having weights and people on me since I was a little kid. My favorite play with my cats was to have them walk all over me."

Bizarrely, Georgio T hasn't struggled to satisfy his unusual fetish while he has been in New York. He simply visits various nightspots around Manhattan and then wraps himself up in a carpet before finding the perfect spot to lie on the floor.

He then straps a sign on his body that reads, "step on carpet." Georgio T has revealed that his motto is, "the more people, the better," and his own personal record was set back in July 2009 when he was able to get twelve women to balance on his torso.

Unsurprisingly, Georgio has become a local celebrity in these haunts, and he is now even able to charge people for the honor of standing on him. Usually he insists on being paid around $200 for his performances, that excludes tips, and he has even claimed that Lady Gaga once ordered his services.

People are allowed to do whatever they want when they stand on him, and this can include dancing or simply jumping on his legs. Georgio insists that he has never been injured on the job, and he is now able to make a living from his hobby.

However, Georgio does have rivals, as there are two other men in the city who provide the same carpet trampling service.

[Image via Aron Brand/Shutterstock]