Sperreng Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Sodomizing 16-Year-Old Student

A Sperreng Teacher called James Wilder III, has been arrested on sodomy charges and for having an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of his teenage pupils.The incident reportedly occurred over 18 years ago.

The charges brought against Wilder by the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, relate to allegations that he had sexual contact with a 16-year-old-female student. The accused teacher has been charged with six counts of sodomy. He is now in jail on a cash bond of $50,000.

During the Summer, county police were told about the alleged incidents, which the victim claims started in August 1996 and continued until September 1997.

The victim was just 16-years-old at the time and was a Sophomore at the Lindbergh High School. At the same time Wilder, the Sperreng teacher who was arrested, was her PE coach for cross country and track.

Wilder, who is now 47, has been investigated by the police before on similar allegations. Back in 2008 the police investigated a relationship he had with another student in his care but no charges were filed at that time due to a lack of “credible evidence.”

The accused man is currently a physical education (PE) teacher in the Lindbergh School District and has been placed on paid administrative leave for the moment.

The arrest of James Wilder III, as well as the previous allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct with students he taught, raises serious questions about the supervision placed on teachers who are involved with young students. Wilder, the Sperreng teacher arrested, is not the first, nor the last teacher, sadly, to be accused of such crimes.