Flying Car Takes First Public Flight

A flying car soared into the air for 20 minutes in Wisconsin last month, and it will soon be available to purchase.

Chas, a firm from Massachusetts, created the vehicle — which is part-sedan, part-jet — and they believe that it will go on sale from 2015.

The company showed off the car at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh air show back in July when, after driving the vehicle around, they then flew the jet into the air for a 20 minute flight demonstration.

They have called the car/jet the Terrafugia Transition, and it has been in development for over seven years. Twelve months ago when they tested the car’s ability to fly, it remained in the air for eight minutes, and they have since redesigned the vehicle to fly for longer.

The Transition can go as fast as 70 miles per hour when it is on the road. When it is airborne it can travel at around 115 miles per hour, and the vehicle also has two seats, four wheels, and wings, which fold up when it wants to be driven as a car.

Chas released a statement that read, “Terrafugia made a dream come true at this year’s EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. The Transition performed is first public demonstrations for the aviation community during the show.”

It went on to add, “Flown and driven by Phil Meteer, our Chief Test Pilot and Flight Test Coordinator, the Transition showed the crowd what it’s capable of. The 20-minute demonstrations included flight manoeuvres over the show centre, converting from airplane to car, and driving along the flight line.”

In order to fly the car, owners will need to possess a pilot’s license, which they can only acquire after they have passed a test. Plus they will need to complete 20 hours of flying time before they are able to fly the car too.

Critics have been quick to note that the car isn’t a profitable venture for the company, as they believe there still isn’t the market for a flying car.

Would you purchase a Terrafugia Transition?

[Image via WikiMedia]