‘Document Extractor’ Let’s Users Print And Scan Inside Their Monitor

At first look the “Document Extractor” from designer Byeong Min Choe looks like an iMac clone, but upon further examination it’s no standard PC, actually it’s not a PC at all, instead the conceptual design allows users to scan and print documents from a useful touchscreen monitor which can be connected to their computers.

The system stores paper in a tray located on the back of the display, users simply feed their documents into the bottom of the display at which point they show up in full form on the touch screen display using what would be proprietary software.

Once a document is scanned through the bottom of the display users can then use the touchscreen to crop and otherwise prepare their documents for printing. The cool part? Documents will print through the same slot they were fed, no more need for a separate printer that just takes up space.

I love my Macbook Pro, but I might be willing to head back over to an iMac if this feature was built into Apple devices.

Here are a few more screenshots:


What do you think about the Document Extractor device? [Via YankoDesign]