Selena Gomez: Romeo Miller Wants A ‘Hot Date,’ As If Or Maybe? [Video]

Selena Gomez and Romeo Miller. Can you see it? No? That’s a shame. Because the just turned 24-year-old rapper and actor can.

Doorstepped by TMZ — who filmed the brief video report — in Calabasas, Calif., on his birthday, Romeo picked the Latina as the gift he’d most like to unwrap on his big day.

The young rapper-actor’s exact reply to TMZ?

Romeo said: “A hot date with Selena Gomez. Make that happen.”

The Love Letter star even had reasons as to why he thought the Spring Breakers actress would be a “perfect” match.

“Look, she’s like the girl version of me, man,” he told the gossip site.

“She’s amazing,” he added.

Considering both Selena and Romeo were both music and TV child stars before going on to forge successful, young adult careers, he isn’t wrong about that aspect of their similarities.

But, what about Justin Bieber we hear you ask?

Miller is reportedly friends with the Canadian heartthrob and Gomez.

Justin Bieber's Friend Romeo Miller Wants A Hot Date With Selena Gomez

So, doesn’t publicly saying he’d like to hook up with his buddy’s on-off girlfriend break all kinds of “bro code” rules?

That would be a yes. Even if Romeo knows more about the behind the scenes status of Justin and Selena’s relationship and knows the romance is over, it’s not the done thing to make eyes at your friend’s ex-gal pal.

No-one really knows for sure what’s going on with Bieber and Gomez except that they are friends.

The “Baby” singer was spotted arriving at the starlet’s his her final blow-out 21st birthday bash in Malibu last month with a single red rose, while Selena previously said she will always protect and care for her ex-beau.

Meanwhile, Bieber was photographed lunching with model Ashley Moore in Beverly Hills last week and Gomez has been linked in some reports to Union J’s George Shelley, so maybe it really is all over and Romeo actually does have a shot!

But what do you think readers, as if or maybe?