Selena Gomez, Ethan Hawke Get Generic In 'Getaway' Trailer [Video]

Selena Gomez and Ethan Hawke star in new movie Getaway this August. The second trailer has arrived and it's a thrill a minute if car chases and cliched narrative are your thing.

Behold the plot.

Former race car driver (Hawke) gets dragged into a race against time to save his kidnapped wife from a madman (Jon Voight).

Our hero is then given a series of dangerous tasks by a voice over a cell phone (Voight).

These tasks see Hawke --- hysterically called Brent Magna --- steal a Shelby Cobra car and hook up with a young thief The Kid (Gomez) who, incidentally, owns the car.

The pair proceed to rob a bank and other criminal acts which are all part of the tasks set by "The Voice."

It's all highly unbelievable and non-challenging as so much movie fare is these days, but will likely do well for Warner Bros. when it opens in theaters on August 30.

In other Gomez news, the 21-year-old is currently five concerts into her 58-date Star Dance tour in support of her same named album.

After giving her all at her Winnipeg, Canada show on Monday night, the starlet posted a post-gig snap of herself on a private jet nursing her aching legs with two giant ice packs.

Selena Gomez With Two Giant Ice Packs On A Private Jet After Her Winnipeg, Canada Show

"Now, I hurt. Everywhere," the pop star captioned the Instagram.

Selena previously spoke to MTV about the two month eight-hour-a-day prep she put in before she kicked off her tour in Vancouver last Wednesday.

Admitting she was most "nervous" about the extensive dancing in her shows, the Latina said she had "a lot to prove" and "live up to" because she wants to inspire her fans in the same way Britney Spears' extravaganzas inspired her.

Gomez added: "Two of my best friends are actually on that stage with me that are dancers and have been dancing for years, so I want to keep up with them. That's been challenging. It's great, and I feel like I've been working out, which I feel I need to do more of."

For now, the busy star's tour continues across Canada before hitting Europe next week. US dates begin on October 10, and the whole trek wraps in St. Louis on November 27.

Between Getaway and Stars Dance, we'll take the tour.