Curvy Kate Wants You (No, Really!) To Model Lingerie For 'Star In A Bra'

Curvy Kate's Star In A Bra kicked off in its home country of the UK and traveled to Australia, and the curvy modeling competition is making its way to the US for the second year in a row seeking an American lingerie model for the company's products.

The Inquisitr has covered Curvy Kate before (and I've disclosed that quite not objectively, I own eight Curvy Kates myself -- but purchased them all privately and have not been induced in any way to cover their updates.) One of the most intriguing aspects of Curvy Kate's D-plus lingerie marketing is that they use "real women," all of whom are not professional models... but are Curvy Kate fans or customers.

As it turns out, the models have been selected through previous Curvy Kate Star In A Bra competitions, where everyday women submit pics and enter to win a year's worth of lingerie as well as a gig modeling Curvy Kate's designs. It's hard to explain the feeling of seeing a woman in lingerie ads that "looks like you," but the effect of the use of non-models in Curvy Kate's pics is definitely palpable and positive for curvy girls.

(However, it should be noted that if most American women were in a properly fitted bra, Curvy Kate and other "larger" lingerie makers' sizes would easily fit them. See Reddit's A Bra That Fits for more information on correct bra sizing, or use the SizeM app -- for instance, most women wearing a 36B are likely closer to a 32F. Essentially, even if you don't consider yourself "curvy," you probably need a better fitting bra -- and ranges like Curvy Kate fit most women once they're correctly sized.)

Curvy Kate's search for real-life models coming to the US is pretty exciting for women who feel shunted out of the world of mainstream lingerie, and their looks are really refreshing for women whose bodies look different than other brands' ubiquitous "angels."

In a Star In A Bra US press release, the brand says that the tactic shows how "Curvy Kate's lingerie ranges look on a fuller bust and shapely frame gives a true representation of how the product fits and supports larger bust lines," and "strives to celebrate healthy figures, a positive body image and diversity."

Curvy Kate adds that their US Star In A Bra, like the versions abroad, enforce "no age, size or height limits... which means anyone can enter as Curvy Kate believe a variety of looks should be shown in the media, for all women to relate to."

Curvy Kate's Marketing and PR Manager Hannah Houston commented, saying:

"We truly believe that our customers should model our lingerie as these are the girls who will be buying it. Our model search is here to prove how gorgeous a shapely figure looks in lingerie. We have found a great mix of models since the launch in 2009. Every single one of the girls brings their own spark and personality to the brand and our customers can see exactly how our lingerie would look on a shape similar to them. We're really looking forward to welcoming on board another gorgeous girl from North America!"

curvy kate star in a bra US

Krista Cousins, pictured above, won last year's Curvy Kate Star In A Bra US. Cousins, 25, said of the experience:

"The best thing about Curvy Kate's Star in a Bra competition is that my body type is appreciated and not ridiculed as in some other modeling. Also it's so cool to really represent and stand for something, I'm sort of a symbol in that way and it makes me feel proud!"

If you are interested in entering Curvy Kate's Star In A Bra US competition in 2013, like keep an eye on the brand's Facebook page. Each week, a post reminds American Curvy Kate fans of the looming entry date, and so far we know that requirements are simply to wear a D cup or higher (which most women do), as well as to submit five shots when the contest opens.

What do you think of Curvy Kate's Star In A Bra "real" models?