TiVO Roamio Series 5 DVRs Debut, Record Up to 6 Simultaneous HD Channels

TiVo on Tuesday debuted the Roamio Series 5 family of DVRs. The new set-top boxes are capable of recording up to six HD cable channels simultaneously with up to 450 hours worth of playback space.

Some of the models also offer out-of-home streaming for the first time in the company’s product line history.

The standard Roamio provided four-channel recording with 75 hours worth of HD content, while the Roamio Plus increased that number to six channels and 150 hours. The Roamio Pro provides six channel recording with 450 hours of space thanks to a massive 3 terabyte drive.

All three devices can connect over Wi-Fi and feature RF remote controlling. Just like its predecessors, the Roamio Series 5 DVR lineup features video and music apps, improved system sofftware, and more. One of the devices upgrades is the “What To Watch Now” feature.

Also included with the Plus and Pro models is a built-in TiVo Stream for local network viewing. The devices also feature a built-in MoCA bridge and streaming to apps located off the local network.

Buyers of the basic Roamio also receive the ability to record from an HD antenna instead of only regular cable.

A basic unit costs $200 with the Plus model dropping at $400 and the Pro variant retailing for $600. TiVo offers a $15 per month subscription plan or a one-time product lifetime payment of $500. The subscription or lifetime costs are added to the retail cost of each device.

TiVo has been attempting to carve out a DVR niche that it can call its own. With Dish offering the Hopper and DirecTV offering the Genie DVR, it’s yet to be seen if customers will jump at the chance to own a new TiVo. On the other hand, fans of local HD antennae broadcasting might find the DVR to hold some type of useful value.