George Takei: Chicken Dance To Be World’s Largest, ‘Star Trek’ Star To Lead

George Takei is leading the World’s Largest Chicken Dance in Cincinnati this year. The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber announced the pick for the city’s Oktoberfest Zinzinnati German-themed festival on Monday.

The original Star Trek Mr. Sulu will perform the dance on Saturday, September 21 at 4 PM. Chamber vice-president Pat Sheeran told that George Takei was picked because he was a cultural phenomenom.

“[Takei is] a true celebrity. He’s going to be fun and add a new level of excitement…to the event,” Sheeran said.

Apparently, the Cincinnati chicken dance is a regular thing up there.

Some previous lords of the chicken dance have included the Monkees’ Davy Jones, rocker Eddie Money, and former Bengals player Chad Johnson.

The city said that it will be the biggest Oktoberfest Zinzinnati ever, with a record nine stages. There will even be an Oktoberfest kickoff at the airport to welcome fans arriving on Friday morning for the Green Bay Packers at Bengals game on Sunday.

But Takei isn’t just in town for the chicken dance. The Cincinnati Symphony has now unveiled their concert performances for the weekend of September 20-22.

That’s when Takei will be participating in Star Trek and Star Wars themed musical performances with the Cincinnati Sympthony and Pops Orchestra. He’ll be the host for what they described as a “space-themed multimedia musical extravaganza, featuring breathtaking NASA images on the big screen.”

So what on earth is this chicken dance that George Takei will be leading? Here’s some Cincinnati police women doing it:

Here’s the University of Cincinnati Dance Team chicken dancing:

Here’s 1980s cover band The Rusty Griswolds doing the chicken dance:

Gosh. I guess I can hardly wait for September 21. Upload your YouTubes fast, people. I can’t be in Cincinnati just then, but I’m dying to see George Takei lead the world’s biggest chicken dance.

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