Google Chrome OS Consumer Launch Delayed Until 2011, But Not Completely

Google Chrome OS won’t be ready for download in 2011, at least that’s the current news from Acer’s Jim Wong.

Wong told a group of reporters at the company’s global press conference that Acer would employ the operating system on their netbooks, once Google Chrome OS was made commercially available for use “next year” during the “consumer launch.”

If you can’t wait until 2011 there may be some hope, Google is still planning to launch their own branded netbook, hopefully with better media coverage than the Google Nexus One, which could bring at least one Chrome-book to the market for early adopters who don’t mind dealing with any bugs that might pop up.

According to Digitimes 75,000 units are being produced by Google and they will feature a rumored Intel Atom Pine Trail processor, although that information has yet to be confirmed by Google

Note: The device above is an Engadget creation and probably doesn’t resemble what will be the final Google based netbook design.