3-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Self In Head, Father Defends Guns On Facebook Hours Later

The father of a three-year-old boy has taken to Facebook to defend his right to bear arms, even though his son died after he accidentally shot himself in the face just hours before his post.

Brian Holbrook wrote on his Facebook page, “I have nothing wrong with guns, I will support the Second Amendment.”

Holbrook, who is a resident of Dundee, Michigan, made his comments just hours after his son, Damon Holbrook, found a loaded gun at his home and then shot himself in the head, which was owned by Joshua Micahel Greenhill.

The 30-year-old, Greenhill was charged earlier today, and he is now facing up to two years in prison, plus he will have to pay a $2,000 fine for the careless discharge of his weapon, which caused injury or death.

Greenhill, who had no prior convictions, lived at the house, and possessed the right permits for his weapon, which he had placed inside an unlocked case, inside a closet at the family home.

Damon then got hold of the gun, while the rest of the house’s inhabitants were in the kitchen, and shot himself in the face.

Emergency services were then called and he was then taken to St Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, where he was ultimately pronounced dead on Sunday evening.

After the death of his son, Holbrook took to Facebook to write, “Yesterday I lost my 3 yrd [sic] son to a gun accident. We r all hoping to wake up from this nightmare. Though we know that it is now a living nightmare. My baby boy is gone & I will never get to hold him again. I will miss him terribly.”

Holbrook then revealed his thoughts on the Second Amendment before condemning Greenhill for not locking up the weapon.

He continued, “All I ask is that everyone please, please safety first lock it up and put it out of reach of anyone that has no business being around a gun especially kids.”

Brian lived in the house with four other children, which included Damon’s four brothers and sisters, and he shares joint custody of them with his ex-wife. Greenhill also lives in the building with his wife and seven year-old son.

[Image via Facebook]