Dragons Must Be Real Because They Are In The Bible, According To Creationist Writer Darek Isaacs

Darek Isaacs has insisted that dragons are real because they were mentioned in the Bible, and they once even walked upon the earth alongside humans according to the creationist author.

Isaacs revealed his thoughts during an interview with the Christian talk show, Creation Today.

He told the show’s hosts, “The Bible speaks about dragons. Our authority, everything we do, we have to measure by the word of God. That is what I believe. So we have to go to the Bible and the Bible speaks about dragons.”

Isaacs is a Young Earth Creationist, which means that he believes God created the Earth several thousand years ago, and that the bible contains no errors.

He went on to mention that his belief comes from the fact that dragons are compared to Satan in the Book of Revelation.

Isaacs remarked, “If dragons in fact were entirely mythological, if they were a figment of the imagination, and if they never did exist, then God just compared our adversary to a make-believe creature that never existed.”

One of Isaacs’ books, Dragons or Dinosaurs, saw the writer argue that biblical dragons have been given a bad reputation for years, and they have been unable to shake off their storybook reputation.

Isaacs wrote in his book, “Modern translators simply could not allow the dragon to have an authentic seat at the biblical table in these modern sophisticated times.”

He then added, “Therefore, in poor form, a blind eye is turned to that scaly and unwanted dinner guest… So, to the temporary hope of secularists, and to the anxiety-riddled, uninformed Church, I will shine a spotlight for all to see that the bible speaks of dragons as real.”

All of Isaacs beliefs have been discredited by scientists, who believe that the Earth was actually created around four billion years ago.

[Image via Wikimedia]