McAfee CTO Joins Homeland Security, Takes Over As Deputy Undersecretary For Cybersecurity

McAfee CTO Phyllis Schneck has taken over as the head of cybersecurity for the US Department of Homeland Security.

Schneck will take over the role of deputy undersecretary for cybersecurity in September. According to the Wall Street Journal, Phyllis is likely being brought into the mix in order to work more closely with the private sector.

The Department of Homeland Security is currently attempting to share cyberattack data with companies who can help prevent future attacks. Schneck will likely utilize her experience working with ISPs and other software/hardware providers to help leverage the DHS’ efforts regarding ISPs and other internet firms.

The US Department of Defense recently called cyber attacks America’s number one threat. In the last year, various attacks from the Syrian Electronic Army and the Chinese government have been experienced against US companies and government agencies.

The deputy undersecretary for cybersecurity position was created in 2011 and was headed up by Mark Weatherford who departed the position in April 2013. Weatherford’s predecessor Bruce McConnell announced he was stepping down in July.

Before working for McAfee, Phillis Schneck worked with the FBI for eight years. At the Bureau, the McAfee CTO lead a group of workers who helped facilitate communications between the feds and private companies about cybersecurity threats.

Along with her time at the FBI Schneck worked on the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Commission on Cybersecurity.

During her tenure at McAfee, Phillis focused on public-facing security and global threat intelligence. Schneck also focused on “cross-sector cyber security,” which should help with her new deputy undersecretary role at homeland security.

Do you think bringing in McAfee’s CTO to run cyber security for the US government is a smart move for our country’s future?