Royal Baby: Official Family Photos Leaked Early

Photos of the royal baby and his parents Prince William and Kate Middleton have leaked early.

The official portraits, which are not taken by a professional photographer, but by family members were expected to hit the Internet on Tuesday.

The time given for the official release was midnight, on Tuesday, but somehow they have made it to Twitter earlier than expected.

Kate Middleton is seen holding baby George, while a casually dressed Prince William is holding the family dog.

The photos were highly anticipated and were said to break tradition in that they were taking by Kate’s family and not a photographer as has been tradition with the royals.

Prince George, formerly known as the royal baby, was born on July 22, after much waiting and anticipating by his subject. His parents, seeking some peace and quiet to get acquainted with their new son, chose to escape London for Bucklebury, where the Middletons live.

In his first public appearance after the baby’s birth, Prince William stated that he is “loud”, but “extremely good looking”.

The Duke of Cambridge also said that his son squirms a lot and doesn’t like to be buckled into his car seat.

Royal baby family photos

In an excerpt from a CNN special on the Prince, William confessed that he practiced putting the car seat in the back of the family car before the birth and that he was nervous something was going to go wrong.

This is the first image of Kate Middleton holding her son, after the photos that were taken outside the hospital the day after the baby was born.

She looks radiant in a burgundy color dress. Her husband William looks perfectly happy as well.

Kate had expressed her wishes that the first baby portrait would not be a posed photo but a natural shot of the child.

The royal baby is seen peacefully sleeping, while his proud parents pose for the photo.