132-Pound Scrotum Removed From Las Vegas Man

A 132-pound scrotum was surgically removed from a Las Vegas man. Wesley Warren, age 49, lived with the deformity for over four years.

Warren suffers from a rare condition called scrotal lymphedema.The condition causes blockage in the scrotum’s lymphatic vessels.

Scrotal lymphedema causes the testicles to gain up to three pounds of mass per month. Untreated, the scrotum will continue to increase in size.

As reported by CNN, Warren realized something was wrong in 2008. The initial symptoms were sharp pains and swelling of the scrotum. When the symptoms continued to get worse, Warren knew it was serious.

The rare condition can be caused by either a parasitic infection or injury to the scrotum. Mose cases seen in the US are caused by trauma.

As reported by News 15, the most common symptom is swelling of the testicles. Unfortunately, men often ignore the symptoms until the scrotum is severely swollen.

Warren saw numerous specialists, and the news was frightening. One specialist told him the removal would save his life, another said the surgery would kill him.

One thing the doctors agreed on was the price. Surgery to remove the 132-pound scrotum would cost several hundred thousand dollars.

Warren could not afford the surgery, and he feared for his life. He turned to an unlikely source for help.

Wesley WarrenAppearing on the Howard Stern radio show, Warren discussed his condition, and his lack of resources.

Dr. Joel Gelman, with the University of California, Irvine, heard about Warren’s condition and offered the removal free of charge.

Dr. Gelman said Warren’s case was the worst he had ever seen. Despite the severity of the swelling, Gelman successfully removed the enlarged Scrotum.

Although several follow-up procedures will be needed to remove excess skin, Warren is recovering well.

Warren’s 132-pound scrotum made it difficult to walk, or even move. He can now go for walks, and he has a bright outlook for the future.