Fergie Duhamel: Black Eyed Peas Star Renamed

Now "Fergie Duhamel," the Black Eyed Peas singer formerly known mainly as Fergie is readying for the arrival of her first baby.

We learned last month that Stacy Ferguson was also prepping to become Fergie Duhamel, as she and hubby Josh await the birth of their first child.

The name change is noteworthy because not only did the star grab her new last name to become Fergie Duhamel, she also adopted her stage moniker as official.

According to TMZ, the name change is a matter of public record. And like the rest of us plebians, the former Miss Stacy Ferguson has to put a notice in the paper to make her new moniker official across four whole weeks. (Which she did!)

The site explains:

"Fergie -- who's been married to actor Josh Duhamel for nearly 5 years -- requested the name change last month, claiming she wanted it for a bunch of reasons... not the least of which is that no one ever calls her Stacy."

The name change comes at a change filled time for the newly minted Fergie Duhamel and her man, as the pair get closer to becoming parents. Josh says Fergie is having an easy time with the pregnancy, explaining:

"You never know how it's going to go... Some girls have a tougher time, some a little easier. Because it's a boy, it's been a really lucky pregnancy in a lot of ways. She's been happy, in good spirits, she looks great. Even at 8 and 3/4 months, she's still in great spirits and looking beautiful. And that just means that she's going to want another one, which is good for me."

Josh was also touched by the "Fergie Duhamel" name change, saying his wife's legal gesture was "sweet."