High Heel 3-D Scan Reveals Just How Damaging High-Heeled Shoes Can Be

We’ve all heard the horror stories of what high heel shoes can do to our feet, but this new 3-D scan reveals just how damaging these shoes can really be.

HNGN reported that using a PEDCat scanner, which does a 360 scan of a patient’s feet in 60 seconds, at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, North London, doctors were able to witness the damage done by high heels firsthand, giving them views from above, below, and to the side of the foot and its bones in heels.

According to orthopedic surgeon Andy Goldberg, when people wear high heels, the weight of their body gets forced to the front of the foot.

He continues on to say that prolonged wear of high heels can therefore result hyperextension of the toes that are under intense pressure as they are squashed together into rigid, unnatural forms.

“With high heels, the toes are squashed inside the shoe,” Goldberg told the Daily Mail.

“The more stiletto-shaped they are, the worse it is. The toes not only get squashed, but they become clawed too.

“The base of the big toe becomes ‘deviated outwards’, forming a bunion, while the scanner also shows how these bones can become ‘rotated and dropped’.

“Pea-shaped bones under the base of the big toe – called sesamoids – get dislodged by the immense pressures put on them.”

Many women may believe the saying, “beauty is pain,” but is it really worth all the damage that could be done?

Goldberg said that wearing high heels occasionally isn’t anything to worry about. He did, however, state that if you wear high heels for “up to eight hours a day for years on end, you will develop problems.”

He warns that prolonged use of high heels can lead to sever foot and ankle pain as well as other problems such as gait, misshapen big toes, hammertoes (a deformity of the proximal interphalangeal joint of the second, third, or fourth toe), corns, bunions, and severe pain in the ball of the foot.

Now that seems like pretty big list… but again, if high heels are only for special occasions, then there shouldn’t be much reason to worry.

What do you think of the new PEDCat scanner and the high heel scan?

[Image via Shutterstock/Goran Shutterstock]