Eva Mendes Gives Ryan Gosling Ultimatum, Rumor

There’s a rumor going around that Eva Mendes has given Ryan Gosling “the” ultimatum.

Ryan Seacrest’s Radio Show reported that Mendes has told Gosling that she wants a ring.

Apparently Ryan Gosling, 32, is not ready to settle down, yet and that might be creating some tension with Eva.

The actress who is going to be 40 next year, wants to start a family soon, but her beau seems to be enjoying the status quo.

According to a report in ShobizSpy, things started getting a bit icy when Mendes pressured Ryan for a commitment, and he denied her.

Mendes has said that Ryan is too focused on his career right now and she may be right.

His name comes up whenever a new leading man role opens as is the case with the possible role as Batman.

Eva has made it clear on several occasions that she wants to get married to Gosling, but her pleas seem to be falling on deaf ears.

And it’s not that he doesn’t love her, because from all that we hear he does.

Eva Mendes has reportedly tried to bring mama Gosling in to back her ultimatum and make her son see reason. She supposedly loves Eva.

Ryan Gosling is obsessed with his career, or maybe he just wants to focus on it at the moment.

Up until now Eva hasn’t pressured Ryan much, but as she is not getting any younger, her desire to have a family is taking precedence.

According to the Ryan Seacrest show, Mendes told Gosling that if he’s not ready to give her that ring, she would find someone who was. Ouch.

So, will this ultimatum work for Eva Mendes or will it turn Ryan Gosling off? Only time will tell. Maybe he needs to be put against a rock and a hard place to finally decide.

[Image via magicinfoto / Shutterstock.com]