Screens!: First look at Back to the Future: The Game

I know this isn’t very original and many other 30-year-olds would make the same choice, but the Back to the Future trilogy was the film series that defined my childhood. Yeah, even the slightly average third one.

Hence, it will take wild horses to tear me away from Back to the Future: The Game come launch day. There have been Back to the Future games before, but none that did justice to the film. This latest effort might just break that run of failures. For a start, it’s being made by Telltale Games, a company with a fine track record in adventure games.

Furthermore, these first screens look superb (IGN has a couple more)! I already love the stylized versions of Doc and Marty – they’ve absolutely nailed Christopher Lloyd’s bulbous-eyed stare. Speaking of which, Lloyd has signed up to voice Doc, though the Marty role has gone to some dude called AJ LoCascio.

You’ll play as Marty (and only Marty, I’m afraid, as fun as it would be to take on the role of Biff) and, as this is an adventure game, there’ll be a lot of finding and using objects and solving puzzles. The story, a “full sequel” to the three movies, is brand new. While that may ring alarm bells, Telltale has said that some familiar locations will be in there, including Doc’s lab and the Hill Valley clock tower.

… And now I need to go watch Back to the Future for about the fifth time this year. The game is due to hit 88mph and burst onto your screen in December.

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[Via IGN]