Aaron Paul Calls Twitter Followers After Asking For Phone Numbers

Twitter. In the news again. This time Aaron Paul from the mega-hit series Breaking Bad made some of his followers’ day when they got a call from him.

How did this happen exactly and why did Aaron have followers’ phone numbers, you might ask?

Well, apparently Paul was in a social media mood and asked followers to send their phone numbers to him and he would then call the first 10 who responded.

A little risque, if I may say so, giving out such private information, even if it is Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, because, the numbers were meant for him to see, but then, Twitter is a public forum and millions now have access to those fans’ private information.

The fans in question didn’t seem to mind at all about privacy and rushed to be the one who Aaron Paul called. His original tweet used the b word, to refer to the fans, which has become common practice among celebrities. Blake Shelton is one who uses it, all the time.

The hashtag used was #yeahb%#&

Aaron Pual was recently nominated for an Emmy for his performance as Jesse Pinkman in the series.

His followers were ecstatic as he did good on his promise and tweets started trickling in saying such and such person had talked to Aaron.

Pretty cool, right?

Here is Aaron Paul’s original tweet with his request for the numbers.

Some colorful comments on this one.

And this lucky guy.

Could Aaron Paul be starting a new trend? Highly unlikely, for now at least, but celebrities do like to connect with fans on Twitter. It seems safe and they make their followers very happy as you can see.