Apple’s New iPhone 5s Might Come In Gold

Are you getting excited for the unveiling of the new Apple iPhone? It seems like every day there’s a new rumor about a new spec or change to the phone. Now it’s being reported by sources at TechCrunch that the phone might be plated in gold on the back.

This sounds like a huge departure given the fact that it took years for Apple to even put a splash of color on their iPod Minis. Then again, Apple is seeing a completely new regime with the loss of CEO Steve Jobs in 2011.

According to reports, it’s an easier task for Apple to dip their golden color onto the iPhone than it is to dip it in black. Of course, the color will also exude a certain air about the iPhone as well, which is something to take in consideration with the new style.

As of right now, these rumors aren’t confirmed, but it’s just another set of new changes we’ve heard in connection to the iPhone 5s. The phone is said to make its debut on September 10, so, until then, we will just have to wait it out and see.

In addition to the gold-plated rumors, there’s been big news that this iPhone is likely to have a finger scanner. This is the closest rumor that we have to the real deal as a few leaked photos show a spot on the device where the scanner would be set.

In addition to the iPhone 5s, there’s also word that Apple is putting out a cheaper iPhone to close the gap between their competition. Samsung Galaxy and HTC One are creeping up on iPhone’s consumers. The cheaper phone is rumored to be called iPhone 5c and will reportedly launch at the same time as iPhone 5s.

Would you buy a gold-plated iPhone?