Prince Harry Returns From Land Mine Trip To Angola

Prince Harry returns home from his trip to Angola where he went to support his mother, Princess Diana’s charity Halo. But coming home might be bittersweet since there are new allegations into her death.

Harry came back home safe and sound, it’s still dangerous too visit land mine fields, but he has also voiced his desire to follow in his mother’s footsteps and continue with the charities she held close to her heart, this was one of them.

The purpose of Harry’s trip, which was kept mostly quiet, was to observe the work Halo does in their quest to get rid of millions of land mines scattered in war ravaged areas of Africa and other locations around the world.

The Halo Trust is a charity that the late Princess Diana favored and which she also visited in one her last public appearances before the crash that claimed her life in Paris in 1997.

Even though Prince Harry is known for is wild ways, he is also beginning to show another side of him, as he undertakes more of the duties that are expected of his position.

He is now fourth in line to the British throne after his father Charles, brother William, and nephew George.

The royal’s trip to Angola was not announced by the Palace, but leaked on Twitter and there is also talk that the Prince met his girlfriend Cressida Bonas on Safari in Africa while there.

As for the new investigation into Princess Diana’s death, both Harry and his brother Prince William are not commenting as has been their policy for the last 16 years.

The new allegations come two weeks before the Princess’ death anniversary, always a trying time for her sons.

The BBC reports Prince Harry is irritated with countries that don’t do enough to clear the landmines which have been around for the last 25 years. “He has a bee in his bonnet about that, and it’s a good thing.” Halo said.