LeBron James Gets Police Escort To Miami Concert, We’re Supposed To Be All Upset

LeBron James boasted about his police escort to the Jay Z and Justin Timberlake concert on Friday night. The 28-year-old Miami Heat star tweeted a link to a rather blurry Instagram video and this comment about Miami police: “They treat us so well! Needed it because traffic was nuts.”

The Miami police escort allowed LeBron James to drive on the wrong side of the road to catch the concert at Sun Life Stadium.

I must be a cynical person because I wouldn’t have thought twice about the incident. Around these parts, if you’ve gots the money, you can hire a police escort.

I have no reason to believe that Miami is one bit different. And I certainly have no reason to suspect public corruption or to think Miami police officers were escorting LeBron James around for free.

But some of James’ Instagram followers were not happy. A sampling of the comments will give you a feel for the fan reaction:

  • encore performance: “Remember if you weren’t famous, they would be profiling you.”
  • lakers_hamid11: “It’s ridiculous. On the basketball court, you are a star but when you step outside you are an ordinary citizen like all those waiting in the traffic jam on their way to the same concert.”
  • red_: “Only in America do they use police escorts to drive in oncoming traffic to go to a concert when there are ordinary hardworking people driving home from work eager to see their family. This is why LeBron James isn’t the greatest player in the NBA. #nocharacter #privilegeabuse.”

I may be in the minority, but I’m not the only person who already took it for granted that a rich dude is going to buy his way out of the line. Honestly, if you had his cash, wouldn’t you?

  • aappg: “I see nothing wrong with this, people need to stop hating…”
  • miatricsneo: “This guy is creating a lot of revenue in your city…This is the least you can do for him.,,”

Clearly different people have different thoughts about the LeBron James police escort on Friday. Feel free to weigh in the comments section with yours.

[LeBron James photo by Domenic Gareri / Shutterstock.com]