EMS Suffers Heart Attack While Performing CPR, Saves Patient Then Heads Into ER

Detroit EMS Joseph Hardman was performing CPR on a patient when he suffered a heart attack of his own.

The life saving maneuver was occurring as Hardman rode in the back of an ambulance with his patient.

Rather than stopping to care for himself, the EMS continued to administer life saving support for his patient.

EMS union rep Joe Barney confirmed that Hardman “had a heart attack on the way to the hospital… He nearly died, had to go to surgery.”

Barney added:

“Hardman dropped his patient off alive while he was having a heart attack, then went to the ER, where they treated him immediately. He survived, and he’s in fact laying three beds over from the guy he brought into the hospital.”

Barney says the EMS payroll in Detroit has taken a significant blow in recent years. Currently, Detroit employs 150 EMS workers, down from 304 medical professionals in the field just eight years prior.

The medical workers’ union rep says he is doing better, “But he’s scared. The stress of the job is getting to be too much.”

No further details about Hardman or the patient he was saving have been revealed at this time.

With Detroit emerging from bankruptcy here is to hoping that medical professionals will receive the support they need. Unfortunately, the city is unlikely to hire a bunch of replacement workers that could cripple its new financial start.

Are you impressed with the EMS workers decision to continue providing medical assistance even as he was suffering from his own life-threatening heart attack?