Power Outage Causes Man To Miss Breaking Bad, Leads To Numerous 911 Calls

A man in Connecticut was publicly outed by 911 services after he repeatedly called the emergency service because of a power outage.

The man was attempting to watch Breaking Bad when a power outage shut off his TV.

Apparently the man wasn’t happy about the outage, which hit much of Connecticut on Sunday night so he made the repeated calls.

Fairfield police received so many calls from the man that they posted on their Facebook page that an outage is “neither an emergency or a police related concern.”

Police, fed up with the man’s actions, threatened to arrest anyone who used the 911 system for anything other than life threatening reasons.

The outage caused Cablevision to lose power at its Norwalk facility. That meant even someone with a backup power generator was without Breaking Bad and various other shows.

Following the incident, Cablevision said “the power matter has been resolved and service has been restored to our customers.”

We understand that Breaking Bad is drawing to an awesome and sad close, but that doesn’t mean missing an episode warrants numerous calls to 911.

For the record, this is the perfect reason to become a zero-TV home and to learn about online series streaming from various sources.

Do you think the man stepped over the line by repeatedly calling 911 over a missed episode of Breaking Bad?