Man Inserts Fork Inside Penis, Ends Up In Hospital

Who could have predicted that inserting a fork in your penis would lead to an emergency room visit? That’s exactly what happened recently to a a man in Australia.

The unidentified patient was admitted to Canberra Hospital’s Emergency Department after he placed a 3.93 inch fork inside his own urethra.

The man placed the steel cutlery in his penis for his own strange sexual gratification. The odd object placement was enough for the case to end up in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.

Doctors still aren’t certain how the man expected to gain sexual gratification from the fork, which ultimate led to a very painful and frightening experience.

The man placed the fork far enough into his penis that doctors could not see the object and instead had to feel for it.

The journal report titled An Unusual Urethral Foreign Body notes, “The motives for insertion of a variety of objects are difficult to comprehend.”

I think the word doctors were looking for was “impossible to comprehend.”

We report on a lot of painful medical “experiments” gone wrong on behalf of patients, but this one takes the cake. Of course, you can’t eat the cake because the fork is missing.

Is this the most painful story you have read in a while?