UFOs Spotted Over India-China Border

The Indian army has been reporting UFO sightings for months, and now numerous official army reports from the India-China border are making their rounds online.

A top government official in India says the UFOs have been discussed with its neighboring nation for which the following response was given:

“The matter was raised with China during flag meetings where they denied any knowledge and suggested we shoot them down. But that is not possible as these objects are very high up in the sky.”

The UFO sightings by Indian Army troops have been reported in the Ladakh sector along the Line of Actual Control with China. One major sighting occurred on August 4, and an official report was filed by several officers.

Since the first UFO sightings several months ago, more than 100 reports have been filed along the Line of Actual Control. While hundreds of reports were filed, no actual photo proof existed. Officials when told of the sightings typically responded by noting that both Venus and Jupiter were visible and could likely be mistook for UFOs.

Speaking to the Indian Parliament about the UFO sightings, India’s Defense Minister A K Antony said there is no conclusive proof of sighting of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) over the Sino-Indian border.

Despite more than 100 UFO reports, not a single photograph has been taken. The only information for the most part is that the UFOs feature a “yellow sphere” and that they fly very high in the sky.

Do you believe in the existence of UFOs?