Cashman: “Not Comfortable” Talking To Rodriguez

The New York Yankees have never looked like this. On the field, its a team bereft of big names, struggles to hit at times and is hovering around.500. Off the field it seems to be one controversy after another, usually with Alex Rodriguez right in the midst of it. Even winning 2 out of 3 against the blood rival Boston Red Sox can’t stop the rumor mill.

The latest: an interview with Yankees general manager Brian Cashman where he admits that he “is not comfortable talking to Alex,” citing a “litigious environment.” Cashman went on to say that his conversations with Rodriguez are “hi, bye, and that’s it.” However, the Yankees GM did relay to that releasing Rodriguez was not an option.

In the latest twist in this saga, the Yankees have categorically denied all claims made by Joseph Tacopina, a lawyer in Rodriguez’ camp. The New York Times reported that the New York Yankees withheld the results of an MRI on Rodriguez’ him back in 2009. Tacopina also accused the Yankees of asking a doctor to botch the hip surgery.

“No one purposely did anything other than try to put the best team on that field on a daily basis,” Cashman said.

Cashman got somewhat controversial himself, calling the third baseman “a liar” when asked to discuss the situation surrounding Rodriguez’ quad injury last month. Cashman said Rodriguez stated his trust in the Yankees’ medical staff. Shortly after that, Rodriguez sought out his own doctor and failed to tell the team.

The problems arose in that situation when the doctor, Dr. Michael Gross, began to openly discredit the New York Yankees’ medical staff. “How do you deal with that?” Cashman queried.

What will it take for the New York Yankees to be restored to their former glory? Should they send Rodriguez packing?