Swedish Woman Finds Mouse Teeth In Cereal

A Swedish woman decided to make a very public complaint after she found mouse teeth in her cereal.

Veronica Hammare wrote on Ica’s Facebook wall, “Hi Ica! This morning I found teeth in your brand Ica organic muesli. To find teeth in your muesli is more than revolting, especially as I didn’t just find them in the muesli but in my mouth.”

The 22 year-old had purchased the muesli cereal from Ica to eat as part of a healthy breakfast, and even after she registered her complaint with the company they apparently didn’t offer her the compensation she desired.

Hammare continued to write, “When I called your customer service they told me I’d be compensated for the muesli. So I’ll get as much as 20 kronor because I bought your product and ended up with animal teeth in my mouth?”

She also refused to believed that Ica could only offer her money back for the cereal she purchased rather than compensation for the pain and suffering that she has been put through.

Hammare continued to rant, “I do not accept that compensation. SO GOD DAMN GROSS, ICA!” She then went on to demand that her friends share the complaint and her post so others could learn about her struggle.

Ica have now confirmed that Hammare will actually get additional compensation, but they refused to confirm how much she’d received. Sara Hjelm, an Ica spokeswoman, stated, “This absolutely should not have to happen. We are always really happy when customers get in touch with us to tell us when this kind of thing occurs.”

This isn’t the first time a Norwegian customer has found an animal part in their food product. Last year a woman from Norrkoping found a dead frog in her salad, while a Lidingo man also found a dead mouse in his Italian mix salad after he purchased it from Willys supermarket.

[Image via Adam Gregor/Shutterstock]