Liam Hemsworth ‘Honored’ To Be Kicked By Jean-Claude Van Damme [Video]

Liam Hemsworth may have taken a kick to the chest from action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme, but the Paranoia star apparently isn’t holding an grudges.

While promoting his latest big-screen endeavor, Hemsworth paid a visit to Conan O’Brien. During his chat with the talk show host, the actor revealed that he took a pretty hard kick from the Muscles from Brussels while filming The Expendables 2.

“He’s a scary person. nice guy to work with but a scary person. You’re not sure if he’s going to have a conversation or kick your face in. No, he’s a really nice guy. I don’t want to talk bad about him because he might kill me,” Liam Hemsworth said of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The Hunger Games star explained that Van Damme wasn’t supposed to actually kick him in the chest while they were filming their scene together. However, Hemsworth said he JCVD accidentally delivered one of his patented moves once filming on the sequence had commenced.

“And then [Van Damme] came up and said ‘It’s okay, it’s a controlled kick,’ and I said, ‘Well it’s not that controlled because you hit me’,” the actor told Conon O’Brien.

Hemsworth continued, “I felt it was an honor to receive that kick. I think if you’re going to get kicked by someone, Van Damme is probably a good person to get kicked by.”

Unfortunately, Paranoia didn’t enjoy the same success as The Expendables 2 at the box office. Directed by Robert Luketic, the thriller only managed to scrape together $3.5 million despite counting Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman among the cast. The film couldn’t muster enough business to crack this weekend’s top ten.

Hemsworth’s next endeavor, the highly-anticipated The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, shouldn’t have any trouble finding an audience. The film is set to arrive in theaters this November.

What do you think about Liam Hemsworth getting kicked in the chest by Jean-Claude Van Damme?

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