Game Of Thrones Special Effects Revealed In New Season 3 Video

While the scenes for Game Of Thrones look amazingly real, the team at effects studio SpinFX have posted season 2 and season 3 trailers that showcase several GoT scenes with their special effects removed from the equation.

The trailer shown above features several seasons from season 3 and was uploaded to YouTube on August 13, 2013. To date, the video has received 151,000 views.

From climbing a simple staircase to marveling at an entire army from atop a castle wall, the special effects artists for Game Of Thrones have been very active in the overall look associated with the GoT world.

While shows like the The Sopranos and House of Cards have changed the TV landscape by offering clever and real-world dialogue and themes, it’s shows like Game Of Thrones that showcase an entirely new level of TV production values.

After you watch green screens being revealed in Game Of Thrones Season 3, be sure to check out the same reveal for season 2:

Movie studios and TV networks use to ask us for a certain level of suspension of disbelief when it came to the worlds they created. These days becoming immersed in TV shows and movies is easier than ever thanks to CGI graphics that are nearly flawless in their execution.

Watch both Game of Thrones special effects revealing trailers, and let us know which scenes you were surprised to learn had been digitally added with help from a green screen.