Memory Aids: Tips To Help You Remember Better [Study]

These memory aids can help you remember things a little easier.

Have you ever had that moment when you were trying to recall something, but for the life of you, it just wouldn’t come to mind? These tips might just help you with those important tidbits, and might even aid in curbing attention problems.

Doodle while you listen. A great memory aid, especially for school, is to just start doodling while the professor or teacher is talking. The act of drawing engages the brain and you might actually remember more of what you consider boring.

Get your sleep and exercise. Sleep helps your brain reset, almost like clearing the cache in your internet browser, and if you combine that with regular exercise to get the blood flowing, your mind will be more alert and you’ll remember more of what you need to.

Write it down. The act of writing down what you want to remember makes the information travel from your brain to your hand, and back up to your eyes as you read what you’re writing. It’s almost like a memory cycle, engaging several parts of the body to access the information, process it to your hand, and read it all over again.

Focus on it for eight seconds. In today’s high-speed world, this one is increasingly difficult, especially when you’re surrounded by distractions. Just focus on what you want to remember, and eight seconds is about the length of time before your mind seems to cross the line. As for distractions and attention issues, this might not be a practical approach.

Avoid loud noises while you’re studying. Nothing breaks your concentration faster than something or someone trying to get your attention in the middle of what you’re doing. Having music or the TV on before and after can help, but turn it off while you’re studying. Of course, depending on your living situation, this can be a difficult memory aid to enforce. In those cases try “natural” white noise, like a rainstorm or waterfall, looped in an MP3 player, and get as far from the distractions as possible.

Are these memory aids helpful to you?