Motorola Skip: Unlock Your Device With A Quick Finger Tap

The new Motorola Skip accessory is capable of unlocking your smartphone without a single finger swipe or passcode code.

The average user unlocks their smartphone 39 times in a single day, and heavy users could find themselves unlocking their phone hundreds of time.

To save on those precious seconds it takes to unlock a smartphone, the team at Google led Motorola have announced the free to acquire Motorola Skip.

Motorola Skip was released on Friday and will be used specifically with the Moto X smartphone.

The Skip comes in gray with a black accent at this time, although other colors will be released in Fall 2013. The device unlocks the user’s smartphone with a simple tap gesture.

The device can be attached to a users clothing or anything else they choose. The Skip is then programmed specifically to the users own device.

Motorola didn’t fully explain the technology, which we assume includes near-field communications (NFC) technology and some type of mobile device syncing.

In a statement for the new technology, Motorola writes:

“Our smartphones are central to our digital lives… the keys to our friends, our finances, and a lot of our personal information. Security is increasingly important, but it shouldn’t be irritating.”

Each Motorola accessory comes with three Skip dot stickers, which users can place wherever they choose. The company will also provide a free Skip device with each Moto X purchase.

The cost of additional dot stickers has not been revealed at this time.

With the Moto X coming to five different US carriers by the end of the summer, we can’t wait to see how the new Motorola Skip technology will play into the smartphone landscape.

Motorola has already said the Moto X is being developed to “pinpoint a users preferences” and new hardware to that respect isn’t a bad start.

Do you like the idea behind the Motorola Skip accessory?