Chris Hansen’s Seattle Kings Deal Fails, Secretly Pays $100k To Prevent Sacramento Arena

Chris Hansen’s Seattle Kings deal failed, but now it’s been revealed that Chris Hansen paid $100,000 to a group that helped prevent a new arena for the Sacramento Kings.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Chris Hansen’s bid to move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle was rejected by the NBA.

Now Valiant Capital’s Chris Hansen has been identified as the source of a major donation to a Sacramento group trying to prevent a new arena for the Sacramento Kings. Documents reportedly claim Chris Hansen donated $100,000 to Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork (STOP).

These documents related to Chris Hansen only claim to light due to a STOP lawsuit that demanded a list of donors be revealed. People felt that the group was being too secretive about where it was receiving money for its campaign against the Sacramento King’s new arena which is projected to cost $448 million.

STOP spokesman John Hyde says they weren’t aware that Chris Hansen was a major contributor to their cause:

“We were working independently, and another group of paid signature gatherers was working alongside us. We didn’t know who was funding it. We certainly weren’t aware Chris Hansen had donated.”

The fight over the Sacramento Kings has Chris Hansen regretting his Seattle Kings bid:

“We are not going to be in that position again. We’re not going to be going to another city as a predator and trying to wrestle a team away. It’s unfortunate that we found ourselves in that position. It’s not the way we wanted to handle things, and I think it made us all uncomfortable sitting there. After everything we’d been through, it kind of made me sick to my stomach. In a way of, like: ‘Just how did I get myself into this position? This isn’t the way this is supposed to go down.'”

But reports claim Chris Hansen donated to STOP once again after expressing these regrets. Chris Hansen has been receiving both support and opposition for his actions. Seattle sports fans were apparently fine with Chris Hansen, but the mayors and senators of the area apparently feel leery about Chris Hansen’s involvement in the Sacramento Kings deal.

What do you think about Chris Hansen’s attempt to move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle while blocking a new Sacramento arena at the same time?