2010 Boston Red Sox season in review

With an 89-73 record the Boston Red Sox finished third in the American League East. If it were not for the other teams in the AL, and a 13-5 Inter League record the Red Sox would have finished a whole lot worse. They went 9-9 against the Yankees, 7-11 against the Tampa Bay Rays, 9-9 against the sad Baltimore Orioles, but kicked but against teh Blue Jays with a 12-6 record. Even though they finished with a winning record there are some holes on this team, and they are in danger of being passed up by their divisional rivals.

They did score 818 runs, which was second best amongst the American League teams. They also hit 211 home runs also second best, but we have to factor in their ball park in that number. They racked up 1,511 hits which was fifth amongst the 14 AL clubs, and had a team batting average of .268 which was sixth best. They also had the most at bats which can explain some of these numbers, but three of their regular nine did finish with a BA over .300.

Pitching may be a concern here. They did have three of their regular five starters finish with a winning record, but the back end of the rotation is a concern. The fourth and fifth guys went just 18-22 and all had an ERA well over four. The staff ERA was 4.20, just 9th best of 14 AL teams. They did strike out the most batters with 1,207 but they also walked the most batters with 580.

There does not seem to be many easy answers for this club. They are pretty good, but play in a stacked division. That means they have to spend money like the Yankees, and hope they have spent it wisely. They also need to beat up on the Orioles when they have the chance to; those are like free games in this division.

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