Chris Christie: Pot OK; Kids Can Soon Take Their Marijuana In Cookies

Chris Christie said on Friday that Pot is OK for qualified children to consume in edible form. He prefaced his statement by stating that was conditional on certain changes being made.

The New Jersey Governor said he would accept and indeed welcome a new medical marijuana bill which would make getting the drug easier. Christie stipulated that edible forms of marijuana medication only would be prescribed to minors and that the child would have to be approved by a pediatrician and a psychiatrist.

The bill itself would move to add other edible marijuana to current options available such as lozenges. But the bill would only make an allowance for children who qualify properly. As well as this it is proposed that, as part of the new bill, marijuana cultivators would only be allowed to cultivate a limited amount of strains.

Gov. Christie said in a statement, released on Friday: “Today, I am making commonsense recommendations to this legislation to ensure sick children receive the treatment their parents prefer, while maintaining appropriate safeguards. I am calling on the Legislature to reconvene quickly and address these issues so that children in need can get the treatment they need.”

He continued to speak about the need for parents, and not government officials, to be involved in the decision making process: “As I have repeatedly noted, I believe that parents, and not government regulators, are best suited to decide how to care for their children.”

Not everyone though is in complete agreement with Chris Christie’s take on pot being ok only with more limited strains. State Senator Joseph Vitale told CNN his opinion on the matter, in no uncertain terms:

“I think it is ironic that Governor Christie believes that parents and government regulators should make the decision. This might be the most regulated law in the state.The last thing we want is to delay it for the kids, so we want to pass it as soon as possible. It still requires too many unnecessary hurdles with physicians, but I don’t think we should hold it up anymore.”

What you do think about Chris Christie saying pot is ok for kids in edible form? Do you think parents should or shouldn’t be involved in the decision as to whether their kids should get edible marijuana? Share your thoughts in the feed below.