Sean Hannity Praised By Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner's Mistress [Video]

Rumors abound that Sean Hannity is exiting both Cumulus and Fox News for an uncertain future, but the controversial pundit has at least one fan: Anthony Weiner's sexting mistress Sydney Leathers.

In a quick Q&A with Fox411, Leathers talked about her Tuesday interview with Hannity, and called him "the nicest guy on Fox News."

She also said that she passed on an offer from Vivid to make a sex tape, but that the money was enough that she did consider it. "I wouldn't do it now," she said.

And that's probably for the best, since Leathers actually has some pretty high expectations for her career, particularly in politics or political commentary.

"Pretty much everyone that has met with me has expressed working with me again," she said. "I volunteered with a radio service for eight years. It was a program called the Radio Information Service. Mostly just news broadcasts, all for blind and print handicapped people. There are some talks of me co-hosting a radio show; maybe some political blogging."

She also said that she didn't intend to come forward with the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, but jumped on board after BuzzFeed revealed her identity. "In hindsight, I did the right thing," she said.

As far as Sean Hannity rumors go, MSN Money believes that the writing isn't on the wall for the conservative pundit yet... at least, the story isn't as bad as we've been led to believe.

The biggest rumors about him are that his Fox News primetime slot will be taken over by Megyn Kelly, and that Culumus will be dropping him, or that he has elected to leave both. This paints a picture of Hannity's career coming to an ignoble close, but Jonathan Berr notes that Hannity is still the second highest-rated talk show host for Cumulus, behind Rush Limbaugh.

Industry insiders now believe that Hannity is leaving Cumulus over a personal dispute with CEO Lew Dickey, and that he'll sign on with Clear Channel, "where he will undoubtedly be dropped by Cumulus such as in New York where he would move from Cumulus' WABC to Clear Channel's WOR."

He also recently re-signed with Fox, and will likely move to a new primetime slot, possible 7PM.

In any case, Hannity's most recent response to the rumors about him indicate that he's "happy" with the situation he's in, and that his critics don't really know what's going on.

You can check out Sean Hannity's interview with Sydney Leathers from this week below: