Brad Pitt Too ‘Dumb’ To Join Art Museum Board

Brad Pitt might be able to play a smart guy on the big screen, but once source claims he didn’t have the brains to land a position with a California museum.

The World War Z star was reportedly very interested in being a member on the board of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. Although Pitt seemed to think he had what it took for a spot, an insider says the actor was simply too “dumb” for the job.

Before you read what this anonymous individual said, keep in mind that this information comes from the Daily Star newspaper. It’s probably best to wait until reps from the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art comment on the situation before shaking your fist angrily in their direction.

“Brad has always supported the museum, so he asked if he could participate on a higher level. But while the committee admires Brad’s ambition, the fear is that he might be a little on the dumb side to serve on an art board. He doesn’t even have a college degree,” the insider dished.

If any of this is true — and this writer isn’t suggesting anything of the sort — then it would be interesting to know what the board told Pitt regarding his rejection. Chances are they didn’t print “Brad Pitt is too dumb” on official museum letterhead and send it directly to his house.

According to Showbiz Spy, the actor is an avid art collector who spends a great deal of time researching the pieces.

“Brad has a huge art collection that’s worth well over $2 milion. He’s been collecting pieces for years and studying up on the old masters,” another nameless source said.

What do you think about rumors that Brad Pitt is too “dumb” to serve on the board of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art?

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