Unarmed Egypt Protesters Shot Down By Military In Disturbing Video

Amid the violent clashes, several observers and journalists have been uploading photos and videos to social media sites like Twitter and YouTube. One particularly disturbing clip appears to show an Egyptian protester standing unarmed with his hands in the air, only to be torn to pieces by gunfire.

Shot August 16, the footage was uploaded to YouTube with the caption “The army shoots on peaceful protesters in Ismailyia,” a city about
The footage was uploaded to YouTube and appears to have been shot on August 16. The caption reads “The army shoots on peaceful protesters in Ismailyia”–a city about 130km northeast of Cairo.

The video doesn’t actually show Egyptian military soldiers shooting at the protester, though tanks are visible in the background and gunfire is readily audible. Another video of the event from a different angle shows a protester being shot through the abdomen, but little else.

Friday’s “Day of Rage” was the Muslim Brotherhood’s response to a military purge of protest camps that occurred on Wednesday. More than 600 people were killed in what became the country’s most violent day since the 2011 revolution.