Premier League: Sturridge Goal Gives Liverpool Win Over Stoke City [Video]

Daniel Sturridge scored the first goal of the Premiere League season to give Liverpool the win over Stoke City.

Liverpool and Stoke city took the field at Anfield on Saturday for the first match of the Premier League season.

Liverpool took the field without striker Luis Suarez but Brendan Rodgers team managed fine without him. Liverpool controlled the first half and thanks to a long ball from Sturridge headed into halftime with a 1-0 lead.

That was enough to keep Stoke City at bay and Liverpool walked away with their first win of the season. reports that Stoke City nearly tied it up with a penalty in the final stages of the game. Simon Mignolet, who was making his Liverpool debut, managed to block Jonathan Walter’s shot to preserve Liverpool’s lead.

The Premier League season kicked off to a much larger audience than normal. NBC will be showing all 380 EPL games this season on TV or online.

NBC coordinating producer Pierre Moossa said: “People in the United States have been begging and dying for this kind of coverage.”

Are you excited for the star of the Premier League? Did you watch Liverpool and Daniel Sturridge beat Stoke City?