Lady Gaga Slams Her Critics With Poetic Tweet, Feuds With Perez Hilton

Lady Gaga may not think much of her critics but at least they serve as great inspiration.

Instead of lashing out at her detractors with an expletive-laden 140-character embarrassment, the Applause singer decided to take a more creative approach. The musician obviously thought her emotions were better expressed through poetry.

“To the critic who speaks before they bang the gong: a fool you are I say! I’ve not even begun my song!” Lady Gaga posted on Saturday (August 17).

It’s unclear if the tweet was directed at a specific person or if it’s being used as a sweeping statement. She might have enough material for a new album if she chooses to address all of her critics in such a fashion.

The singer isn’t exactly thrilled with the blogosphere at the moment. A lot of people seemed to pass judgment on her new single Applause after hearing a leaked clip online. The singer issued a very strange video that addressed some of things that have been said about her new tune.

“Lady Gaga is no longer relevant. Do not buy her new single Applause on iTunes. Don’t dance to the song at all. Do not buy ARTPOP on November 11. She’s over,” the video reads.

Although the release of a new song is usually a time for celebration, the singer seems to be contending with a number of problems at the moment. Not only is she dealing with the aftermath of the Applause leak, she’s also reportedly in a feud with gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

After posting that Lady Gaga’s new single was “flopping” on iTunes, her legion of fans lashed out at Hilton. It didn’t take long for the war of words on Twitter to get nasty, prompting the singer to step in-between her followers and the blogger.

“Please monsters do not be affected by someone like this. Nothing merits this kind of hatred. I’m okay and I always survive. Ignore him. Just dance,” she wrote.

Are you a fan of Lady Gaga? What do you think about the singer’s recent troubles?

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