Jessica Alba Muffin Top, Cellulite, Stretch Marks Force Her To Cook Healthy, She Says

Jessica Alba’s muffin top, cellulite, and stretch mark confession may have rattled a few nerves. She’s got a new book out called The Honest Life, so maybe it’s important for her to get real.

One place Alba is promoting her open and honest approach is in Women’s Health UK, where she is appearing on the September/October 2013 cover. Their page is hosting some of Jessica Alba’s recipes, which include pizza and popsicles.

Yeah, yeah, the recipes are the healthy versions of these items and all. But I’m probably not going to be taking any diet advice from Jessica Alba any time soon.

But the 32-year-old mother of two actually appeared to be in great shape.

That’s why her comments about her figure flaws may have raised a few eyebrows. According to JustJared, Jessica Alba said, “I have cellulite and stretch marks — and I have a muffin top!”

She admitted that going to the gym is too boring. So she decided to focus on cooking natural, healthy food.

I’m going to suggest that there’s really no evidence that healthy food or exercise have any effect whatsoever on cellulite or stretch marks.

And even the muffin top might go away more quickly if you try liposuction rather than tinkering with healthier pizza ingredients.

But that’s just me. Jessica Alba is certainly being honest. What intelligent person doesn’t get bored beyond belief with working out?

But some fans are not happy with the remarks. A commenter on the Women’s Health UK page looked at the pictures of the lovely and slender Jessica Alba and then left this thought:

“Really, a muffin top? These people need to get a grip on reality. Sending messages to young girls, when she looks like she does?…Thought she was better than that.”

I actually think the Sin City actress just can’t win. If she admits to her feelings of insecurity about her post-baby body while looking gorgeous, then people make that argument.

But if she pretends that she’s a natural beauty without struggle…well…that isn’t really honest, is it? We get enough of that happy horse**** from plenty of other stars. Why do we need it from Jessica Alba?

Getting where she is represents a lot of work.

I admit I don’t see any evidence of a muffin top, cellulite, or stretch marks in Jessica Alba’s new photos. But even without the gym, it sounds like she works hard to keep it that way.

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