Apple Television Arriving In November, Rumor Claims

An Apple television could reach market by November, according to venture capitalist M.G. Siegler.

The former tech industry reporter suggests that Apple’s long-rumored TV set is aiming for a November release. However, Siegler admits that there is still general uncertainty about what the product will actually entail.

In talking about the potential for a new type of TV, Siegler writes:

“People have talked about voice, but I think that’s out the window and there might be some new way to interact with whatever this thing is.”

Before he died Apple CEO Steve Jobs said he “cracked” the TV interface problem. In late 2012, new CEO Tim Cook said TV was an “area of intense interest” for the tech giant.

With Apple’s release schedule hurting its stock price over the last year a new product could be exactly what Apple needs to succeed. At the moment, Apple is focused on debuting its new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, but that doesn’t mean it won’t turn around quickly to debut a new product.

Apple has continued to tweak its already available Apple TV, and a dedicated television will likely take many of those tweaks into consideration.

Google may force Apple to jump into the dedicated TV space at a faster rate. The Google Chromecast was just launched for the measly price of just $35. While Chromecast currently only supports 720P output for Chrome, YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play, that could change with upgrades in the near future.

Apple may receive a big push thanks to its content partner agreements, and its recent acquisition of video recommendation service Matcha.

Apple as usual is remaining mum on any details about its Apple television hardware and software.

Do you think Apple can jump into the smart TV space and make a big splash, or will other set-top providers overshadow the tech giants efforts?