Michelle Obama Bangs Officially Kaput, Twitter Trades Adoration For Mockery [Video]

Michelle Obama’s bangs are no more! The FLOTUS decided to drop her headline-grabbing look for pretty much the same reason anyone opts out of bangs after a while – she got tired of having hair in her face.

The First Lady debuted her bangs back in late January on her 49th birthday (which was, incidentally, the same day she decided to join Twitter). The result among media publications and Twitter users was something like “Politics? Forget politics. Michelle Obama has bangs now, dammit!”

While her bangs caused a trend-setting stir that completely eclipsed important news for months, the hairdo seems to have run its course. Lately, Michelle Obama has opted for a casual side-swept ‘do.

But why? In an interview with Parade, she said simply: “You know, it’s hard to make speeches with hair in your face!”

Indeed, a sentiment shared by Twitter users back in June after Michelle Obama gave a speech at the G8 summit. Her bangs noticeably got in the way of her face while she spoke, spawning the hashtag #bangsfail and quite a bit of social media backlash.

We like to think that Michelle was thinking “You know, this bangs thing is overrated” at that exact moment.

Anyway, as summer comes to a close, so does the First Lady’s bangs hairstyle, which she will surely be remembered for above anything else, like her efforts to combat obesity and her friendship with Beyonce.

Here’s a couple of Twitter users who are also “so over” the FLOTUS’ bangs. It’s like everyone forgot all the good times they had sharing pictures of her new look and heaping praise at her feet in January.

RIP Michelle Obama bangs: 2012-2012.