Hydrating Beer Invented, Tested By Aussies To Fight Hangovers

Would you drink a hydrating beer? According to multiple Australian media sources, researchers at Griffith University’s Health Institute have invented a more refreshing beer.

According to Australian News, the team started with two commercially available beers, one regular and one light. They played around with changing the electrolyte levels to see how the beers could rehydrate people after exercise.

The light beer with added electrolytes was “by far…the most effective at rehydrating the subjects,” said researcher Ben Desbrow.

And why do we care? Well, the Sydney Morning Herald pointed out that dehydration was linked to hangovers. Therefore, a rehydrating beer could help prevent the malady.

That’s really noble and all of science to be looking out for us that way.

But does anyone else see a problem with the research?

It sounds like if you want to drink all responsibly to avoid the risk of getting dehydrated, you’re stuck with drinking their light beer. I don’t know about you, but that’s enough to get me running back to the pomegranate martinis.

I’m also wondering if we really need to wait for the hydrating beer to hit the market.

Hear me out. Why couldn’t you drink the beer or adult beverage of your choice? Except every other drink is a non-alcoholic hydrating drink?

I’m a big fan of plain ole water and Emergenc-C powder myself. The makers of that fine product don’t promote it for the purpose, but they must know that some people out there are already using the electrolyte heavy drink to prevent or treat hangovers.

So I think the concept of electrolytes and beer is a great one to prevent and treat dehydration. But I’m not so sure that they need to be in the exact same glass.

What do you think about the concept of a hydrating beer?

[beer photo by Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr, Creative Commons]