‘Seventh Son’ Dropped By Warner Bros, Picked Up By Universal

Director Sergey Bodrov’s Seventh Son is no longer being distributed by the folks at Warner Bros. The flick has reportedly found at new home with Universal Pictures.

Legendary Pictures, the company responsible for bringing Seventh Son and several other high-profile motion pictures to life, is no longer doing business with Warner. As part of their arrangement, Legendary is taking Bodrov’s adaptation with them to Universal.

Fans who were hoping to catch the fantasy flick in theaters early next year are no doubt disappointed by the recent turn of events. For the moment, the movie is currently in limbo. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is no longer on the release schedule.

Since Legendary Pictures coughed up all of the money to bring Seventh Son to life, the company was able to wrestle control of the film away from Warner Bros. Now that it’s in the hands of Universal, the studio will begin the marketing process all over again.

A representative from Universal confirmed that executives haven’t hammered out a release date for the project just yet. This likely means that the film won’t hit theaters this January. If you’ve waited this long to see the movie, then a few more months probably won’t kill you.

In an effort to keep a piece of director Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, Legendary Pictures gave up their stake in Zack Snyder’s proposed Man of Steel sequel. Warner Bros. also has control of Legendary’s 300: Rise of an Empire and the forthcoming Godzilla reboot.

The only casualty in the production company’s breakup with the studio is Seventh Son. The film, which stars Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore, tells the story of a knight who must stop an evil witch who has managed to escape from her imprisonment.

What do you think about Seventh Son moving from Warner Bros. to Universal? Are you disappointed that the movie might get pushed back yet again?

[Image via Legendary Pictures / Universal Pictures]