Miss Teen USA Winner Targeted In ‘Sextortion’ Plot

Miss Teen USA winner Cassidy Wolf is apparently at the center of an FBI investigation after being targeted in a “sextortion” plot.

The Hollywood Gossip reports that the 19-year-old reigning beauty queen was contacted by someone who claimed to have nude photos of her from her webcam.

Wolf says that the unknown individual tried to extort her, asking for money in return for keeping the photos private.

The FBI confirmed the investigation with the Los Angeles Times, and a spokeswoman told them that they’ve been on the case for several months now. It is unknown is the suspect has been identified, or even if there are NSFW photos of Cassidy Wolf out there, legally or illegally obtained.

Wolf holds the 2013 Miss Teen USA pageant title, and previously won Miss California Teen USA. She publicly admitted to being the target of this “sextortion” plot, and hopes to raise awareness of cyber-stalking.

Wolf’s case is actually just the latest in a string of similar “sextortion” plots. Hackers will break into a user’s email accounts or even turn on its webcam to potentially capture risque photos of their targets.

Celebrity victims of these plots include Mila Kunis, Christina Aguilera and Scarlett Johansson. Their stalker, Christopher Chaney, 35, was sentenced to 10 years in prison

His M.O. was that he’d take celebrity email addresses, go through “Forgot your password?” steps and correctly answering security questions with publicly available information. He’d then reset the password and get access to the accounts.

If Cassidy Wolf’s stalker is reading this, we’re hoping that 10 years in jail thing really sticks out to you. They don’t mess around, duder.