‘Modern Family’ Cover On Evangelist Sickie’s Pro-Spanking Kids Book Creates Scorn [Photo]

A self-proclaimed evangelist is backtracking this week after he was caught using a Modern Family publicity still on the cover of his new book. The self published book by Evangelist Doug Sehorne was called Bible Principles Of Child Discipline.

There’s a nifty little parenthetical subtitle informing you that Sehorne’s advice comes from the book of Proverbs.

So you know? I haven’t read it. And it appears to be yanked from Amazon at the moment, so I’m not gonna read it.

But the Christian Post described it as a book that tried to cover all the verses in Proverbs that deal with child discpline including some tips on how to apply this stuff. In other words, it’s some weirdo telling you how to spank children.

And Huffington Post backs up the story. They pulled out a quote from the now-vanished Amazon listing: “You cannot raise the kids without a paddle.”

I’ve got no use for that stuff. Beating kids is wrong. Get over it. It’s 2013.

But Doug Sehorne isn’t in trouble because he reads the Bible as an excuse to spank children. What got him into hot water is that he more or less just stole a cast photo from Modern Family for the cover of his awful little book.

The e-book has been out since July. On August 14, somebody finally got around to letting the evangelist know how he’d embarrassed himself.

So yeah I figure this guy has more haters than just me. They kinda let him hang out to dry for awhile first.

On Wednesday, Sehorne wrote a Facebook post called FALSELY ACCUSED! The all-caps are his, by the way. I guess if you’re too big for him to hit, he just shouts.

Anyhoo, in that post the evangelist said he’ll be removing the book in order to change the cover. Did he apologize? Not really. He opened with a whine:

“Well, I just got a phone call about the picture I used on my Book on Child Discipline. Evidently, it is from a wicked TV show involving a gay couple!”

He then claimed that he hadn’t seen TV in 35 years. He never heard of the Modern Family show. And he stole the photo from Google Images without making any attempt to find out if he had the right to use it.

Modern Family cover
the current cover of the book in question

He did admit that he just assumed he had the right to use anything that came up from a Google image search. I’m gonna suggest if he’s really that stupid, he needs to get out of publishing before he gets his happy a** sued.

Be that as it may, he didn’t apologize for writing a book that promotes spanking kids. He didn’t apologize for insulting the Modern Family cast by putting them on the cover of said book.

Instead he boasted, “Anyone who knows me knows I would never condone such wickedness as sodomy or even TV.”

But beating on kids is apparently just peachy-keen.

Quite frankly, I’m posting the story because I don’t have one bit of problem pouring scorn on this guy. So feel free to giggle and point at the idiot who used the Modern Family to cover his evangelical child spanking book.

[Modern Family Cast photo by Jenn Deering Davis via Flickr, Creative Commons]