911 Operator Saves Bride’s Wedding Day After Dress Is Stolen

911 operators are not supposed to get involved with their callers (according to the Halle Berry film The Call, anyway) but one selfless dispatcher stepped in and saved a bride’s wedding day after she discovered that her dress had been stolen.

The bride-to-be (name withheld) panicked last Sunday when someone broke into her car and stole her wedding dress the morning of her wedding, reports The News Tribune.

She panicked and called 911 to report the theft. 911 Operator Candice (no last name given) picked up.

“We deal with theft calls every day, but this one really touched me,” the 28-year-old Valley Communications dispatcher said. “I handled the situation as I normally would, but inside, I really sympathized. I couldn’t imagine someone stealing my wedding dress. All I kept thinking was, ‘I have a wedding dress. Maybe she could wear that.'”

Now, Candice didn’t GPS track the thief or anything so adventurous. Instead, she simply got her supervisor’s approval and offered the woman her own dress that she had worn 18 months earlier for her own nuptials.

“I wanted her to wear my wedding dress,” Candice told Yahoo! of her decision.

Through the responding officer, Candice texted the bride a photo of her own wedding dress and offered to let her wear it for her special day. She recalled that the bride was “surprised” but “very grateful,” and despite not knowing anything of each other’s measurements, the dress ended up being a perfect match.

Candice then had her husband, Brandon, deliver the dress shortly before the ceremony was set to begin.

“I’m so happy that I was able to help this woman,” Candice said. “She was very grateful and texted me a photo of her wearing the dress. I would do it all over again, if I could.”

The bride promised to return the 911 operator’s wedding dress soon, but Candice says: No rush. “I just want to let them enjoy their wedding week. I’m happy it worked out. I believe that there’s a reason I picked up the phone that day.”

[Image: Shutterstock]